Hydraulic Ram Repairs and Press Brake Repairs Ashbourne Meath Ireland

Hydraulic Ram / Rod/ Cylinder Repair

We offer hydraulic ram and cylinder repair services for Industrial, Construction, Agriculture, Marine and other industries anywhere in Ireland.


The most common repairs we do are:

  • Damaged hydraulic cylinder and rods
  • Bent hydraulic rods / rams
  • Pitted hydraulic rods / rams
  • Tears, scores, electrocution damage
  • Rechroming of existing hydraulic rod / ram

We are the only company in Ireland that can do this in house.  We are Ireland’s only hard chroming specialists.

By rechroming your original rod / ram, you are effectively bringing it back to it’s factory condition.   Full disassembly and reassembly service inc new seals, and pressure testing before it leaves the workshop.

You name it, we can probably fix it, regardless of the brand name.   Give us a call, send us your hydraulic unit and we’ll fix it.   If you can’t send us your unit, we can arrange courier collection.

Press Brake Repair

We provide a full repair service for press brake cylinders.  

The most common repairs we do are:

  • Scoring to the side of the brake press chrome shaft
  • Pitted brake press shafts
  • Torn brake press shafts
  • Rechroming of existing brake press rod / shaft in all sizes.
  • Full disassembly and reassembly service inc new seals.
hydraulic ram repairs
Brake Press Repairs

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